Strategic Wealth Planning Program

The Strategic Wealth Planning Program is delivered as follows:

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Strategy Session to discuss your needs and desires pertaining to your family’s planning including:

  • exploration of your business affairs and family circumstances
  • your desired lifestyle
  • discussion regarding the extent and type of planning undertaken to date
  • begin to discuss ideas and concepts
  • answer any questions you may have regarding the Program

Preliminary Outline of Needs – We outline many of the needs and issues, benefits and outcomes, determined from our discussion and a review of the preliminary documents you provide to us.  We prepare this for you so that you can begin to see what we can do for you prior to making the commitment to proceed.

An engagement letter outlining the services, deliverables to you, terms of engagement and fee arrangements.  It also includes our commitment to confidentiality of your information, which is an essential element in all that we do. 

Our in-depth information gathering and analysis of your financial affairs, business interests and personal/family goals and objectives, including:

  • Gathering all relevant documents using our Document Checklist and communicating with you and your professional advisors to obtain these documents and records.
  • Discussion with you using our Wealth Planning Checklist, to obtain further detailed financial information as well as further insight concerning your personal views, lifestyle, desires and goals.
  • Discussion with you using our Estate Planning Checklist, to review, in detail, your needs and wishes regarding the care and distribution of your wealth. 
  • Preliminary Financial Picture, which we create and provide to you to confirm your information.  This is a very useful synopsis of your financial picture, and is intended to be used as a valuable resource to any representatives who may need to deal with your financial affairs (such as an attorney or executor).  This is an interim step to ensure we have accurate and all relevant information before proceeding to complete our analysis and recommendations. 

Analysis and identification of issues and recommended strategies.  The summary of information and an explanation of the recommendations are contained in the customized Wealth Planning Report that we create for you.  The Report contains four sections with detailed recommendations: 

  • Financial Analysis
  • Personal Planning
  • Business Planning Strategies
  • Care and Distribution of Wealth

Implementation Oversight and Assistance.  In this phase, we can continue to be involved to play an oversight role.  The oversight role begins with a Summary of Recommendations Report which includes assignment of responsibility for implementation of the various strategies.  The degree of our involvement in the implementation phase may vary with each case.  It can range from merely facilitating communication among the various professionals involved in the implementation, to hands-on directing of the process.  We will discuss your needs and decide on your chosen course of action together.